About Us

The author of “the Emotional Toolbox” (and the operator of this site), Jeff Larsen, was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is just like most people: an “average Joe” working at an average job.  The key difference here is he is living an above average life.  It’s not because of money, but another kind of wealth discovered over the years: that being inner peace, well-being, and completely in touch with the inner emotional state.

While he was sitting around one night with some friends, someone made a comment about how he should write a book: a book about emotional “tips and tricks” and tips for living.  This suggestion was not because Jeff had something profound to pass on per se.  It was because of the deep knowledge of his emotional state and the inner workings of his mind and heart which was apparent.

After some thought, Jeff agreed it might be a good idea to write down what the tools and tips were that allowed him to get from a completely broken individual emotionally to someone who seems to be very in touch with his thoughts and feelings.  It was, after all, a very long and arduous journey with a lot of pitfalls and dead ends.  Jeff thought to himself “What if I could provide a shortcut for people so they don’t have to go through the same journey yet get the same rewards?”  This question lead to the idea of writing everything down in a book.  This would create a collection of the best tools he had found over the years and the ones that he currently uses today.

What has separated Jeff’s life experience from most other people’s is his intimate knowledge in the area of substance abuse.  He gained this knowledge from dealing with these issues in his own life, which prompted Jeff to learn more about the inner workings of himself.  This in turn started him off on a life long journey of self-improvement and deep emotional discovery and remediation of unworkable states of being.

In effect, the book “The Emotional Toolbox” is written for the layman by the layman.  It is not some psychological handbook written for doctors or other similar professionals.  It is a compilation of handy techniques that can be used on a daily basis to map out one’s own psyche, solve problems, and where each “tool” compliments the next.  These tools are readily available from books, videos, courses, and from the Internet.  Therefore, it is nothing new.  What is new though is that this knowledge is compiled into one place, easy to read and easy for reference.

We know you’ll find this book especially easy to read and you will probably use something from it every day.

You can contact us at info@spiritintellect.com with questions, comments, or for more information.