Details of Orgone & Orgonite

 What is orgone?

There are a lot of resources on the web that describe what Orgone Energy and Orgonite is (and is not). Here is some valid information:

A great place to start is here: Georg Ritschl –

In short, in approximately 1939 a close associate of Dr. Sigmund Freud named Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered a type of energy that he called Orgone. There are many names that this energy is referred to in the world today. Some of them are as follows:

  • Prana (Vedic Tradition/India)
  • Qui, Chi (Chinese)
  • Ether (Ancient Greece and Nobel Prize winning science)
  • Vril, Od (Germanic mythology)
  • Zero Point Energy (Dr. Hal Puthoff)
  • Torsion Fields (Dr. Nicolai Kozyrev)

And many more.


Types of Energy

According to Dr. Reich there are 2 types of energy:

  • Deadly Orgone Energy (DOR) – Caused from stagnating life energy. In nature this causes drought, desert formation. In humans it causes sickness such as cancers
  • Positive Orgone Energy (POR) – Energy moving freely. This is intelligent, self-organizing energy that creates health, life, and abundance


Dr. Reich discovered that if metal and organic material are combined in layers, the organic matter would attract the energy and the metal will quickly repel it. As the material was layered it would also concentrate the energy. Dr. Reich built orgonite boxes in which people would sit for 30 minutes a day for cancer treatments and treatments for other ailments. This often resulted in remissions of cancer and cures. This of course had no place in the “modern” medical system and hence Dr. Reich was shut down by the FDA and all materials used by Dr. Reich were confiscated and destroyed. He was prohibited from making these boxes or continuing practicing which eventually lead to his incarceration (as he did continue) and prison was where he died.

The technology went underground until again rediscovered and repurposed by 2 men several decades later: Don Croft and Karl Welz (these men are not associated with each other). Karl had discovered that he could get the same results as Dr. Reich but much more powerful with a metal/resin mixture he called Orgonite. The resin is the organic piece of the puzzle while the metal is the inorganic piece as viewed from a chemistry standpoint (the resin is carbon based).

While Dr. Reich used layers, Karl Welz mixed the metal in with the resin in a chaotic fashion. He discovered that using this method it created a much stronger effect. It draws stagnant energy into the device instantly transforming it. Unfortunately Welz’s application was restricted only to radionics (from Wikipedia: Radionics is an alternative medicine that claims disease can be diagnosed and treated with a kind of energy similar to radio waves).

Don took it one step further and combined the metal pipes from Dr. Reich’s original design (for a “cloud buster”) planted into Orgonite, rather than running water, whereby creating the first modern “cloud buster”. Don freely shared (and shares) the technology and started the Orgonite gifting network that is so prevalent today.

Don has come up with a few other designs including the “Holy Hand Grenade” (this is from Monty Python’s – the Holy Grail and does not have some darker meaning as some uninformed people have implied in various sites I have found) and “Tower Busters”. These are the staples of orgonite application and can be used for any purpose, although there are also pendants, cell phone protectors, healing tools, etc. The list is only as big as the imagination because as long as the device has orgonite in it, it can work.

The common thread running through all of the designs (with the exception the smaller devices which have a single unterminated crystal and that of the cloud buster which has multiple dual terminated crystals) is the crystal at the top of the device that draws energy in and 4 crystals pointing outwards at the base of the device that distribute the energy laterally. Each crystal is a single terminated crystal – meaning has a natural point on one end. The terminated end is always pointing out (or up if at the top). Various crystals can be and are used but the most common is quartz.



Fig 1: Example flow of Negative Orgone Energy through an orgonite pyramid


Here is a small list to spur the imagination of uses for Orgonite. It can be used anywhere you can possibly imagine, so be creative! Some of the applications that Orgonite has been successfully used for:


  • Gardening and Agriculture: Increasing fertility of crops and growing things
  • Immunizing a country against weather warfare: Effects of HAARP and such
  • Dissolving Chemtrails
  • Radiation Protection: EM radiation protection from power lines, electrical boxes, wireless technologies, computers, etc. etc. (the list is quite long in the western world)
  • Personal health and wellbeing: The positive effects are dramatic in many cases. In my own case, sleep has become common again after years of not sleeping properly. I’m not saying these effects WILL happen for everyone as your experience may be different.
  • Reversal of droughts and greening of dry areas
  • Consciousness effects: reduced crime rates, end of violence in war torn countries, etc. For example, after about 3000 tower busters were “gifted” in Johannesburg the violent crime rate dropped 13% in 2012 after a continuous rise over a period of decades.


Orgonite in this day and age is probably best used by most people to neutralize and convert harmful electromagnetic (EM) radiation from cell phones, electronic devices, wireless routers and devices such as that, cell phone and microwave communication towers, etc. into “good” energy (POR); the kind that encourages growth and life. These devices permeate our existence. The energy waves flow through us and around us all day, every day, especially if you live in a big city.

Take for example the conversion of analog TV’s to the digital signal. Analog TV’s were around since the invention of the television and the analog signal was phased out in the early 2000’s. Once this happened, all of a sudden scientists began to ‘hear’ transmissions/frequencies coming from stars that they could not hear before. This was because the frequencies being picked up were being blocked by other, closer signals, in this case TV. The same goes for the human species. We are not clearly picking up signals we should be receiving from nature and/or the universe that we should be (and for the most part are not) getting to help us see things clearly and evolve as a species due to all of this interference. This in my opinion is by design, or at the very least an unintended yet desired side effect by some people/organizations who are in control. Orgonite helps alleviate the “noise” and the harmful effects of it. Tests have been done to show this and prove this without a doubt.

Ogonite does not in fact affect the operation of any of these devices. It simply helps the human element.

Tests have shown, again and again, that Orgonite has positive effects on plant growth (i.e. turning a desert into a green growing environment) and has even turned harmful energy into POR to help plants (and humans) grow. This can be seen in an article by Mark Bennett from the British magazine Strange Days detailing this. Also in an experiment done by Georg Ritschl in his short YouTube video located here where a test was done with cell phones. Over a period of 5 days water was exposed to EM radiation from cell phones for 30 minutes a day and then chick pea seeds were watered with it. In 1 set (the control set) the water was not exposed to the EM radiation, 1 set the water was exposed directly with no protection, and the final set the water was protected with orgonite. The set protected with orgonite actually grew more than the control set of seeds (165 g for the protected set versus 155 g for the control set) while the unprotected seeds were sickly, greasy, and generally underdeveloped (148 g). Interestingly enough the unprotected seeds also grew faster in the beginning and then proceeded to die off.

Georg also talks extensively about healing the skies and the environment in this video. It’s well worth the time to check it out.

Kirlian photography can also be used to see the energy coming off of orgonite. Once again Wikipedia to the rescue!

Kirlian photography is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges. It is named after Semyon Kirlian, who in 1939 accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a high-voltage source, an image is produced on the photographic plate.[1] The technique has been variously known as “electrography”,[2] “electrophotography”,[3] “corona discharge photography” (CDP),[4] “bioelectrography”,[2] “gas discharge visualization (GDV)”,[5] “electrophotonic imaging (EPI)”,[6] and, in Russian literature, “Kirlianography”.

Kirlian photography has been the subject of mainstream scientific research, parapsychology research and art. To a large extent, It has been co-opted by promoters of fringe science and paranormal health claims in books, magazines, workshops, and web sites.


Please see the works of Gerard Bini for more information ( .