Awesome Sites

The following is a quick list of awesome sites I have found in my travels.  Check them out if you like, all of which are highly recommended.

David Icke:
A whole bunch of topics: spiritual, aliens, geo-political, exo-political, you name it!


Neil Keenan:
I found out about this guy while looking into the “Red Dragon Family” who claimed to be lining up to “save the world and financial system” (which are a bunch of con-artists and have been exposed by Neil and his crew) . The real Dragon families are associated with Neil and his group who are representing them in the fight to get the global accounts rectified.  Note:  This is a SUPER complex subject and it is still not 100% clear to me all the details even after reading a ton of documents. Whenever I watch an update from Neil it often causes more questions than answers for me, but usually that just means I need to do more digging.


Mark Passio:
The real deal — instrumental in starting the “rewiring” process or “pulling back the veil” for me.  Revealing secrets, hidden agendas, the real goal of the elitists, and helping to undo the web of deception around our conscious thought.  A former Satanic priest who is now exposing the occult agenda to the rest of the world and hidden knowledge, facts, and symbolism that we are not supposed to be aware of.  Satanists seem to be extremely interested in incorporating symbolism into everything they touch or do which, if you can see it, it becomes clear that this group is behind certain actions…and they are incredibly well placed and high up in our institutions.  Incredibly eye-opening!


Dr. Judy Wood:
Here is a site of an engineer (Ph.d. in mechanical engineering) who has some extraordinary views and observations on the demise of the twin towers on 9/11.  Not just another “truther” site.  Definitely in my top ten, and I would strongly suggest viewing anything you can find on YouTube from her in regards to this.
You can also find a brief bio here


Rebekah Roth:
A woman who, while researching to write a book on 9/11, found the rabbit hole went very deep.  She wrote a book called Methodical Illusion (I’ve read it, it’s very good) which is fiction but contains all of the facts that were present in regards to the airplanes that were supposedly used in the attacks.  If you were not a “truther” before reading this book you will be after.  It’s meant for anyone who wants a light read and an “easing” into the knowledge of what really happened to those planes.

Rebekah has a new book coming out Methodical Deception.  Looking forward to that!!


Alex Jones (Info Wars):
Granted, Alex Jones is a bit “off the deep end” but his site is bringing a lot of truth, ripping the cover off of a ton of lies, and is a major necessity in the times we live in.  I support this site and their incredible health products.  You should too.  Infowars is on the front line in the war that’s on for your mind and your soul and if they go, we will all follow shortly behind them.


James Gilliland – ECETI Ranch
This is one of the most eye-opening sites out there.  I can’t even begin to cover the topics as they are so in-depth and far beyond conventional understanding.  100% guaranteed that if you go to the ECETI ranch you will see extraterrestrial craft (NOTE: INVITATION ONLY. You can get the invitation from and it costs nothing).  The ranch is sitting right next to (on?) a star gate (pretty sure it’s natural).  James is definitely in my top ten most interesting people list!


Randy Cramer (aka Captain K)
Yet another astonishing and mind-altering experience listening to interviews with Randy.  Here is a fellow that is a marine: but in this case a space marine for the Earth Defense Force.  He has been authorized by his chain of command to come forward and give almost full disclosure on what has been going on on Mars and in the galaxy, make it clear that we as a race are already in space and are amongst other extraterrestrial beings, and that this is anything but science fiction.  We are not being told what the real space program is/was and we are also not being told how far into space the human race has gone or is.

It becomes clear that NASA is a nothing but a big propaganda machine that is a private organization serving those that pay for their existence, not the public as we are lead to believe.

I would strongly suggest searching YouTube for any videos with Randy Cramer.  There are others that corroborate his story and facts and I will list them here as I find them (again).


Harald Kautz-Vella
Here is a fellow from Germany who has done a lot of research into chem-trailing, what we are being sprayed with as a populace (the contents), why we are being sprayed, and some of the extraordinary and terrible “side effects” that some people have experienced (and why).  This man has a lot of information about a lot of topics, all very eye opening.  Also can search “Morgellons Disease” for more information, but brace yourself…it’s not for the feint of heart.  The good news is they know how to cure it.